What is a StoneFlecks™ Coating? 

StoneFleck™ is a high-performance Countertop and Tile coating system designed to transform the appearance of existing surfaces, such as countertops, without the need for a complete replacement. It provides a durable and attractive finish, mimicking the look of natural stone. 

What can a Stoneflecks™ coating be sprayed on? 

Our Stonefleck™ coating system can be applied to a variety of surfaces including Worktops, Tiles, Baths/Sinks, Media Walls, Feature Walls. 


COST - On average our Stoneflecks™ coating system is upto 60-80% cheaper than replacing 
DURABILITY - We know our product is great that’s why we offer a 5 Year guarantee on all applications 
TIMESCALE - Most Stonefleck™ job can be completed in a little as 1 day 
REPAIRS - Any damage to your existing worktop can be repaired before applying the Stoneflecks™ coating system. 
WASTE - Reduce your carbon footprint and Landfill wastage 
VERSATILITY - StoneFlecks™ can be applied to various surfaces, including laminate, Formica, wood, and any other materials commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. 
CUSTOMISATION - It offers a range of colours and textures, allowing homeowners to choose a finish that complements their style and existing décor. 


The StoneFleck™ coating process typically involves applying a multi-layer system that includes a primer, base coat, and protective clear Resin. During the application, tiny Stoneflecks™ are added to create a textured and natural appearance, resembling granite or stone surfaces in your chosen finish. 


The expenses associated with replacing a worktop or Tiles extend beyond the purchase of the product itself. Additional costs include labour charges for the removal and installation of the new worktops and tiles. In many cases, the installation of new worktops may necessitate the expertise of an electrician, a gas safe engineer, and a plumber. Additionally, there may be costs associated with repairing damage to decorations and plaster surrounding the worktop. 

Metallic Finishes: 

Granite Finishes: 

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